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The Rima lounge tables are characterised by their elegant use of geometry and subtle but signature playfulness.

Pair of geometric side tables with playful red detail
The definition of their namesake, Rima is a slit, fissure, or narrow elongated opening between two symmetrical parts
Pair of hand-made coffee tables with fun red detail
Close up of playful red detail on fun geometric pair of side tables

A table, dissected

Rima reveals at its centre, a bright interior and a slice of light. In its whole form, the two pieces are held in a constant state of equilibrium, set slightly apart by clear dowels.

There is also an option to split the table, if desired, for flexibility of arrangement.


Rima side table

The Rima side table also features the wooden curve seen in the coffee table, but this has been split and made taller. A solid but clear pane of toughened glass holds the two sides together and triangulates the base.

Both coffee and side tables are available in alternative sizes, custom colours and wood selections upon request.

Rima, custom made pair of side tables with red underside by Splinterworks
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