The home office: Dime as a desk

While Dime was originally designed as a drinks cabinet, a recent commission to turn it into a desk has given it a new versatility for the home office.

When our client commissioned us to make a slightly more petite version of Dime to function as a discreet, wall-mounted desk, we were able to put a new spin on our classic drinks cabinet.

When installed at a slightly lower height, Dime makes a great desk for working at home.

It’s comfortable to sit at, and of course you can slide the doors closed to conceal the contents when you just don’t want to think about work any more! Perfect for escaping the home office at the end of the day.

The dappled surface texture on the desk was individually grooved out by hand; a labour of love by our woodworker, Ben.

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Detail of tooled walnut veneer on custom wall-mounted desk by Splinterworks.
Hand made custom desk in walnut veneer by Splinterworks.