Downtime is our new brand of both indoor and outdoor pool slides, serving up that signature Splinterworks style with a ready-to-party attitude!

The downtime pool slide by splinterworks,  designed as a more accessible and colourful alternative to our bespoke slides, Downtime slides are only available in one size, making them quick and easy to order. They require no foundations or heavy-duty water feeds and can be installed without cranes or a professional team. In fact, they are intended for home assembly by you and a couple of willing friends, or family members.

Our sophisticated water-cooling system is still engineered into the slides and metal handrails, but it can be connected by a hose or hooked up to the pool’s pump.

Simply choose from our selection of beautifully curated colours, or commission your own pool slide, then specify a left or right turn and that’s it… Perfect for adding style and fun to your next pool party!


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'The newest arrival, splashing down in time for the summer, is a model called Downtime that comes in any colour of the rainbow'.
~ The Times
Downtime luxury outdoor pool slide by Splinterworks in modern LA swimming pool

Downtime luxury pool slide, white. LA California.

Click below to see all the curated colours, and for more information and prices for the custom Downtime pool slide.

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