An elegant design inspired by surfing a 'waha' barrel wave

Waha has impact. It’s a piece of functioning sculpture that enhances its environment, whether inside a metropolitan residence or outdoors, basking in pool-side sunshine.


Two children excitedly running towards their new indoor swimming pool slide.

A prêt-a-porter slide, designed for easy integration with existing pools

Waha is easy to install with simple floor fixings.  It is shaped with a twist at the end, which not only makes for a more thrilling ride and a more beautiful shape, but allows for the structure to be placed parallel to the pool.


Cool to the touch, even in sunny climes

Waha has a brushed stainless steel finish. This gives it more of an architectural vibe than some of our other highly polished slides.


Safety is paramount

Waha offers grip underfoot and drain holes on the steps. With an easy-to grab handrail that is incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, our water slides are designed to meet British and US safety standards.


Twist to the left or the right

Waha can be personalised to suit your pool and in a range of sizes.  A variety of finishes are also available.

Guide price

including mainland delivery and VAT | excluding installation