Inspired by a waha barrel wave

Waha has impact. It’s a piece of functioning sculpture that enhances its environment, whether inside a metropolitan residence, or outdoors, basking in pool-side sunshine.


Young girl sliding down a waha pool slide, throwing up her arms as she enters the pool

A prêt-a-porter slide for easy integration with existing pools

Waha is easy to install with simple floor fixings. It is shaped with a twist at the end, which not only makes for a more thrilling ride and a more beautiful shape, but allows for the structure to be placed parallel to the pool, saving space on the deck.



Side view of a waha water slide, with English countryside behind
Waha pool slide in front of English country house, taken through foliage

Twist to the left or the right

Waha can be customised to suit your pool and in a range of sizes.

Your slide can twist to the left or the right, and a variety of finishes are also available.

Young girl sat at the top of stainless steel water slide, with water jets cooling the slide.

Cool to the touch, even in the hottest climates

Micro-jets of water spray the entire sliding surface, ensuring it stays constantly cool and slippy.  The jets also spray the steps, keeping them cool underfoot, while the strong foot grip tape ensure they are not slippery. The handrails are cooled by circulating water through them internally.  All this water is all recycled through the swimming pool’s filter system.


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Surrey family home

Waha has plenty of room to make a statement on this generous pool deck with its glorious, countryside backdrop. Positioned perpendicular to the pool, the slide is viewed side-on from the house, and makes a fabulous sculptural statement against that wonderful view.

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Panoramic image of outdoor swimming pool, with waha slide to the right, surronded by English countryside
Birds eye view of young girl at the top of a waha pool slide, surronded by English country house and gardens

Waterside Miami

With a location to die for, this Miami home has the most amazing sunsets. It was great to visit and see so much colour in the reflections on the slide.  We’ve installed slides in some of the hottest climates, here in Miami, but also in Las Vegas and Dubai. The slides stay safe in the hot sun thanks to our proprietary water cooling system.

Waha pool slide in Floridan back garden by the water

Utah mountains

This brushed-finish Waha, installed in the foothills of Utah’s Mahogany Mountains, looks statuesque with the client’s young daughters speeding down it! With an easy-grab handrail, incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, our water slides are designed to meet both US and British safety standards.


Close up of mirror polished water slide
Young girl climbing the stairs of water pool slide

Waha at Gara Rock Hotel

Last summer, we added a Waha slide to this stunning clifftop pool at the Gara Rock Hotel in Devon.

A picture-perfect location with unspoilt sea views, this temporary installation made a striking statement in a very beautiful setting. Reflecting all the colours of its environment, this functioning sculpture inspired a new view of the scenery, and a lot of conversation among the surprised hotel guests!

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Ariel image of Waha pool slide at Gara Rock

Indoor fun in New Forest

All our slides are suited to indoor pools too, and can be customised to fit your space. This installation of a brushed-finish Waha instantly brought this pool space to life, providing endless fun for the family.

Two children excitedly running towards their new indoor swimming pool slide.
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