Organic and industrial qualities blend effortlessly

Installed at this beautiful split-level pool in Hawaii, a creative blend of industrial materials with organic design allows Cadence to sit very comfortably within the island’s lush, green vegetation.

“Many slides mimic functional sculptures, adding not only fun but also beauty to garden design.”

Anji Connell, Pro Landscaper

Concrete slide from top deck sweeping down into swimming pool in Hawaii

In a nod to the island's volcanic lava

The viscous form of the polished concrete slide flows through the steep hillside views, culminating in a generous splash!
The concrete material visually references the island’s pāhoehoe lava, a Hawaiian term meaning smooth, unbroken lava.


Concrete slide in front of infinity pool, with person on the pool looking at the view of Hawaii
The muted tones of the tactile concrete, combined with the organic shape, allow the natural beauty of the garden's foliage to sing
Close up of concrete pool steps in front of tropical plants

With views like these, it was paramount not to obscure the landscape

We designed Cadence with just three integrated steps to keep it below eye-level and to allow for wonderful, uninterrupted views from the house, and utilised the drop between the two pools to create sufficient velocity.

The hewn steps make the treads non-slip.  A narrow slit at the top of the slide provides a weir of water that cools and keeps the slide thoroughly slippery.

Cadence allows the split-levelled double pools to connect

In order to achieve the exhilarating ride requested, the slide swings out over the rocks and foliage, curving back around and tapering out to launch the rider into the lower pool.  We positioned the exit carefully to allow for thrills-seekers to still have room to leap from one pool to the other.




In concrete-effect resin

including delivery and VAT | excluding installation

In polished cast-concrete

including delivery and VAT | excluding installation

United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156