Extraordinary Exteriors

A special slide for an exceptional property. The undulating ribbons of patinated copper on the outer form of the slide take their cues from the mountains and boulders of this striking landscape. The poetic synergy of shapes makes for a striking landscape design, with the warmth of the soft copper particularly in tune with the architecture.


Safety is paramount around extreme climates

To keep riders safe, the slide is cooled to counter the warm environment. The handrails are internally water cooled, to keep them safe to the touch. The steps are also sprayed with jets and non-slip steps ensure you are protected at every rung up the slide. The entire surface is irrigated with jets to keep it cool to the touch and extra slippy for the perfect smooth ride. Additional powerful water jets at the top keep the water flowing quicky and cooly over the slide. With a tap on the app, the slide cools to useable temperature in 15 seconds. With a combination of fresh, and circulated pool water, our proprietary water-cooling system has won a registered design in the UK and Europe and is patent pending in the USA. You can trust that being the preeminent sculptural water slide experts, we will keep you and your family safe around our slides.



Elevated fun

Our mission is to make beautiful slides that only serve to enhance their surroundings; centrepieces for fun, joy and cherished memories for many, many years to come.

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