Perfectly proportioned

Our smallest slide is equal to our other slides in every sense; intelligently designed, custom-made and lovingly crafted by hand.  

Two options on the overall height make it a neat slide for a compact space.

Water slide surrounded by trees

Reflecting your environment

Cymas space-conscious design is ideal for townhouse gardens, city spaces, indoor pools, or those with younger children.

Crafted in marine-grade mirror polished steel, its beguiling reflections are endlessly captivating. Forever reflecting the changing seasons, it creates sculptural intrigue at any time of the year.

Safety is paramount

Our proprietary cooling system works in three ways to ensure the slide is safe to use, in even the hottest conditions.

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Sculptural stainless steel water slide, surronded by auntumnal trees

Autumnal London

This installation of Cyma took place in October, giving us these beautiful colours as a backdrop, and some wonderful reflections in the Cyma slide. Ideally proportioned for this townhouse garden, Cyma makes a striking sculptural highlight.

Wave shaped water slide, in London walled garden surrounded by trees

Added to a natural water swimming pool, simplicity and clean lines were at the heart of the elegant pool and landscape design.

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An installation with a difference

Our very first Cyma slide travelled thousands of miles to its new home in Atlanta. As our client’s backyard was impossible to access, an exciting mode of delivery was called for.

Helicopter flying over avproperty after placing slide next to pool

Lifted up, over the house, and on to the pool deck by helicopter, this was certainly an installation to remember.

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Indoor poolhouse, Southampton

Our Southampton clients are all set for year-round swimming and sliding now their indoor poolhouse is complete. Pool house and pool design by Origin Pools.

Across pool view of water slide
Indoor pool house with curved water slide, Jacuzzi, octopus sculpture and doors to the garden
Front view of the pool slide shoot, curving over the pool in indoor pool house
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