star rider

360 degrees of fun. Twice.

The Star Rider swimming pool slide offers two helical slides, mirrored side-by-side, that launch the riders to their winning splash. 

Metallic gold resin pool slide by Splinterworks in spectacular pool pavilion with sky light.

The alluring, sinuous shape is a sculptural highlight in this spectacular pool pavilion

Juxtaposed against the faceted ceiling, with its sharp geometric fins that have been designed to control the acoustics, the overall aesthetic bursts with energy and drama. 

Luxury spiral gold swimming pool slide with steps beside an indoor pool.

The design features are tempered by the gentle colours of the surfaces, that suffuse the space with serene elegance. The equilibrium achieved in this design results in a pool space that not only functions as a superlative leisure space, but one that has artistic merit too. 

“Splinterworks’ bespoke luxury waterslides double as works of art.”

Melissa C. Gillespie, Luxury Pools Magazine

Luxury gold dual sprial indoor slide by Splinterworks

This stunning pavilion was the result of a collaboration with award-winning architects Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture At Large.

This project has featured in Dezeen and Architectural Digest.



Double pool slide by Splinterworks in spectacularly designed pool pavilion.
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United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156