Pool Slides

A selection of beautifully
handmade sculptures that
redefine the water slide
luxury slides with fun built in

Our pool slides are outdoor sculptures, customised to perfectly fit your individual setting and tastes. We also take commissions to create completely unique designs in a variety of materials to suit your climate, budget and surroundings. We can work directly with you, your watershape designer or your contractor, to achieve the perfect design and installation.

We use our own proprietary cooling system to ensure that all our slides remain slippy and safe to touch in hot weather. In fact, safety is engineered into all our luxury water slides from the outset, designed to follow European and US safety standards (BS EN 1069-1 2017 & CPSC Code of Federal Regulations 16 part 1207). Our slides are made from the highest quality 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which is formulated to resist corrosion.
United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156