An arc of sculptural beauty

Orchid’s sophisticated simplicity makes it the perfect counterpart to complement luxury pools. The refined shape, pared back to an organic arch, makes for an alluring shape, both visually and physically, tempting you to scale, slide and splash!

Minute footprint, maximum impact

The slide blooms from one point around the inground pool deck by utilising underground foundations.  It takes up very little space around the deck, so perfect for when space is at a premium.

A sculptural spectacle

The Orchid slide was inspired by the labellum petal of an orchid.  This petal is formed in a special shape to attract insects for pollination.  This striking shape offered the stimulus for a perfect double-take moment; reformed into a supersized slide, it culminates in a seemingly impossible burst of cantilevered sculptural form.


Preeminent water slide experts

Splinterworks are leading the path in luxury award-winning pool slides.  Each slide is handmade to order and customised to your exact pool area.  We welcome commissions and to create a slide bespoke for you in different materials and styles.  All our outdoor slides include a patented, internal and external water-cooling system, so that with a flick of a switch or a with or tap on an app, the slides are cooled and ready to ride in under a minute.

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United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156