Sculptural chaise longue

The Bodice Rocker is a unique object whose playful design defies gravity.

With a light touch, it gently rocks back and hovers, as if weightless, and seeming to defy the pull of gravity. In this position it reveals the more familiar profile of a chaise longue, albeit suspended in mid-air.

“Stood upright, the chaise longue appears like a sculptural, anthropomorphic monument. With a light push of the hand, the Bodice Rocker glides to the floor in a free-flowing movement that seemingly defies the pull of gravity. It’s mesmerising and unequivocally ostentatious. Whether you admire the striking lounger for its curves or soft-padded leather comfort, you can be confident it’ll make a statement.”

Cassie Haywood, Home Design Magazine Australia

Born out of a love for curvy silhouettes and illusion

Poised vertically, it takes on an anthropomorphic sculptural form; while some may perceive a bust or derrière, others might see an arched foot among the suggestive curvaceous forms.

Custom made sculptural chair in white leather by Splinterworks.
Custom made contemporary sculptural chair in leather by Splinterworks
Back view of sculptural custom lounge chair in white leather.

Customised to your style

Like all Splinterworks pieces, the Bodice Rocker can be tailored to your requirements. There is a wide range of beautifully coloured leathers and suedes to choose from. We can also highlight the hand-stitching in a contrasting coloured thread, if desired. 

Bodice Rocker, contemporary lounge chair in custom red leather by Splinterworks.
Stichting detail on the Bodice Rocker leather lounge chair.