Vertex strikes a dramatic pose

Our award-winning Vertex slide makes a strong visual statement in either a contemporary space or a more traditional setting.


Sculptural metal pool slide with steps reflected in the indoor pool.

“Their alluringly simple shapes look like child’s play, but under the surface they are intelligently engineered to be free of visible structural armature, fixtures and fittings – and that’s what makes these a product Luxury pools + Outdoor Living loves!”

Melissa C. Gillespie, Luxury Pools Magazine

Rewriting slide design

This intriguing form is exquisitely made by hand and cannot be compared with other slides. It is a work of functional sculpture. Reflections in the mirror-polished stainless steel echo the surrounding colours, giving it an alluring subtlety.

Steps and handrails of the Vertex pool slide meet EU and US Safety standards.
Sculptural twist of the slide curving towards the water of the indoor pool.

No oxidisation, highly reflective finish

Stainless steel doesn’t oxidise like other metals so when polished, it remains highly reflective and actually reflects most inbound sunlight and thermal energy. Even so, we incorporate water jets that cool the slide and keep it from drying out in the sun.

Vertex, custom pool slide by Splinterworks

Vertex in the Utah mountains

At this handsome and newly-renovated home, the contemporary curves of Vertex offer a pleasing juxtaposition to the reflections in the mirror-polished stainless steel. These intriguing reflections echo the surrounding colours, allowing the slide to change colour with the seasons. 

This project was a Winner in Luxury Pools magazine’s Pinnacle Awards 2021.

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Lakeside in America

Proving slides are not just for summer, Vertex serves as a magnificent sculptural highlight all year round.  Standing at nearly 12ft high, we positioned it right on the corner of the existing in-ground pool by the infinity edge, to capitalise on the best vantage point of the lake-side position.

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Shinny metal pool slide besides a lake in fall, designed in collaboration with water shape designers
The Vertex pool slide by Splinterworks at sunset with the wooden house.

In an English Country House

Offering a pleasing repetition of form between the arched windows of the pool pavilion, and the arching slide, here the Vertex slide made full use of the space, filling it from floor to ceiling with intriguing form.  For added thrills a jet stream was positioned below the point of entry into the pool, which projects the rider into the pool with added gusto!


Dramatic sculptural pool slide by Splinterworks in an architectural pool pavillion.
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