Winding through the landscape

Cascade is designed to sit embedded within a sloping terrain.

A sculptural interpretation of water cascading down a rocky mountainside, it gives a long smooth ride down to a big splash. Snaking through the landscape, it harnesses the gradient of the slope for real momentum.

Copper water slide on a backdrop of stepped stones, with indoor/outdoor pool

An undulating design in patinated copper

Cascade’s curves give a beautiful rise and fall, all the way down to the water’s edge.

The organic feel of Cascade is further enhanced by the finish; a copper exterior that has developed a natural patina, on a mirror-polished stainless steel body.

Bronze slide cascading down rockery garden into swimming pool
Curved, waved shape edge of the bronze cascade water slide

Safety is paramount

Safety is engineered into all our luxury water slides from the outset, and we use our own proprietary cooling system to ensure that all our slides remain slippy and safe to touch in hot weather. 

chevron-circle How we keep our slides cool in hot weather

Copper slide surronded by large stones and plant pot
Copper water slide through rockery garden with garden seating to the right
Birds eye view of rockery garden with cascade slide snaking through
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United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156