A playful table to raise a smile

Serving as either a desk or dressing table, this is a versatile piece of furniture with an iconic look. The vivid sole and stiletto heel support a practical working surface for shoe-lovers of all persuasions!


“Stiletto: The perfect fit at Clerkenwell Design Week.”

Corinne Julius, The Evening Standard

Burr veneer dressing table by Splinterworks with red underneath.

Truly tailored

This piece’s proportions work well to be scaled up or down and we have created the Stiletto table in many different sizes.

For use as a desk, cable management can be installed with a conduit for a desk lamp or computer.  For a dressing table, hair tools can remain plugged in and discretely hidden, in the baize-lined drawers.   

The table can be japanned to give a classic black appearance, or specified in any number of different wood veneers. The underside can be any colour but we favour the iconic red!


luxury japanned dressing table in black with red detail called Stiletto.
Luxurious black lacquer dressing table with red detail by Splinterworks.

An heirloom of the future

Stiletto embodies our philosophy of furniture making: having fun with design is at the core of our work.

Stiletto doesn’t follow current trends, so can’t go out of fashion and it is built to last, so won’t wear out. It is truly a piece to be passed down the line and enjoyed by generations to come.

Detail of custom desk hand-made with exquisite craftsmanship

Seamless functionality

The draws have no handles; a neatly hidden finger groove on the underside ensures the continuity of the clean sculptural shape.

Detail of luxury burr veneer desk, hand-made by Splinterworks.

Exquisitely crafted in the traditional techniques

When the table is specified in wood, we use book-matched burr veneers on the top to give a striking kaleidoscopic impression of the wood grain blossoming open in traceable, consecutive patterns of grain. 



Black lacquer dressing table with red detail is an heirloom of the future.