A perfect state of equilibrium

A truly sculptural design that fuses beautiful twists and curves with engineering mastery.

Tryst appears in a perfect state of balance, resting on the pool deck with no visible fittings. A functional sculpture that effortlessly combines fun and beauty, exquisitely made by hand.

Sculptural Tryst pool slide, taken at night with background lighting on the pool and house
Side image of the tryst pool slide by Splinterworks, with countryside in the background
Curved stainless steel back of the Tryst slide, with foliage in the foreground and house in the background.
Steps of the Tryst pool slide, with the house in the background and foliage in the foreground

An architectural complement

In this setting, the fluidity and movement of Tryst’s curves are juxtaposed against the straight lines of this modern architectural home. 

The cool, reflective tones of the polished steel complement the design and colours in the building and surrounding landscape.

Trist stainless steel pool slide by Splinterworks

Reflections of light

Crafted in marine-grade mirror polished steel, Tryst’s many curves and twists reflect an incredible amount of light.

As it reflects the changing seasons around it, Tryst creates sculptural intrigue in the landscape at any time of year. 

Trist stainless steel pool slide by Splinterworks

Safety engineered into the design

Our proprietary cooling system works in three ways to ensure the slide is safe to use, in even the hottest conditions.

Micro-jets of water spray the entire sliding surface, ensuring it stays cool and slippy.  The jets also spray the steps, keeping them cool underfoot, while the strong foot grip tape ensure they are never slippery. The handrails are cooled by circulating water through them internally. All this water is all recycled through the swimming pool’s filter system.

chevron-circle How we keep our slides cool in hot weather
Trist stainless steel pool slide by Splinterworks

Commission your own slide

You can commission your own Tryst, or create something truly bespoke.

We can work with you to develop a slide design that fits perfectly in your environment, reflecting your own style and preferences.

Find out more about the process in our guide, below.

chevron-circle How to commission your own pool slide
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