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Commissions inspired by the individual setting and to resonate with the client’s style

The striking forms of these custom water slides in reflective mirror-polished stainless steel, make a beautiful sculptural statement.  As with all our designs bound for sunny climates, the whole sliding surface is water-cooled with jets spraying cold water to make it slippy and cool, and the handrail is also internally water cooled.

Stainless steel water slide with a snowy mountain backdrop, next to the fire and lodge
We take commissions for unique slide designs, or can tailor a design in our portfolio to meet the size, layout, budget and style requirements
Within Europe, we can provide full installation or liaise with your own contractors for fitting
Water slide designed in mirror polished stainless steel by modern house with ocean view.
Custom Water slide by Splinterworks in mirror polished stainless steel next to pool and hedge.
Outside of Europe, we can supervise installation in person, or provide an accredited installer
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United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156