An elevated bathing experience

The Hamaca bath tub elevates the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath and combines it with the peaceful experience of kicking back in a hammock.

Created in carbon fibre, Hamaca is incredibly strong and stays completely rigid, even when full. Unlike most baths, with flat bottoms and steep backs, Hamaca’s continuous curved surface offers an unprecedented level of comfort that encourages long, luxurious bathing.

Filled using a floor-standing tap, waste water is released through the base and discarded through a floor drain positioned directly beneath the tub.

The hammock bath tub manufactured by Splinterworks custom made in black carbon fiber
Detail of floor standing bath tap next to black suspended bath in polished concrete wet room manufactured by Splinterworks

“Two unique moments of relaxation, the sensation of lounging in a hammock and bathing, are perfectly merged…”


A deep, luxurious tub that uses less water

Hamaca’s generous size gives you the luxury of an immersive soak but it is only deep in the middle, where you need it most. The ends are shallow and supportive so, unlike most baths, there are no unnecessarily wasteful areas.

The maximum capacity is 200 litres (44 gallons). This is around half the volume of comparable, luxury ‘deep’ tubs.

“When is a bath not a bath? British design studio Splinterworks has the answer with its reinvention of the humble tub.”

Elle Decoration

Commissioned in a range of finishes to suit your style

We can create your hammock bath in a range of beautiful finishes. The black carbon fibre can also be finished in white, to match other sanitaryware. We also offer innovative metal veneers or gilded finishes.


With hammock bath manufactured by Splinterworks in industrial concrete bathroom

Metal finishes

If you are looking for something unique, how about a copper, bronze or pewter bath? These custom finishes are and available in a variety of colours, textures and patinas.

These hand-gilded metal finishes give the feel and durability of solid metal but without additional weight.


The ultimate luxury gold bath finished in 24 carrot gold manufactured by Splinterworks

Gilded finishes

We have also created some highly personal variations over the years, such as the 24 carat gilded finish. This can be done in a wide range of precious metals such as pure gold, champagne gold for a softer golden look and platinum.

This beautiful version of the hammock bath in 24-carat gold was shown at Paris Design Week, en route to the client’s home.

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Hammock Bath through sliding doors on balcony

Wall hung, or mounted with custom pillars

Designed for use in a wet room, the hammock bath is fully suspended and does not touch the floor.

This lightweight carbon fibre bath can be wall-hung or installed using floor pillars, allowing the bath to become freestanding in a bigger space. We can suggest pillar designs for your Hamaca, or help you design something completely original.

Suspended hammock bath manufactured by Splinterworks
Detail of floating bath tub manufactured by Splinterworks

Accommodating, even for rugby star proportions..

We’re often asked questions about our hammock bath, so we asked Bath rugby star, Semesa Rokoduguni, to demonstrate the strength, generous proportions and comfort of Hamaca.

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