Same curvaceous shape, position where you like

After the success of the Hamaca suspended tub, the Pagoda bath evolved as a stand-alone piece that doesn’t need walls.  Still offering the playful hammock bath form, but with more flexibility to position anywhere in the room you like.

With the continuous curved surface, the spine is completely supported in a gentle curve, creating the optimum shape for kicking back and relaxing.


Pagoda freestanding bath by Splinterworks

A unique and tactile material, unparalleled comfort

Conceived in woven and lacquered carbon fibre, Pagoda is undeniably tactile and inviting. The love for this challenging material not only stems from the incredible strength and lightweight, but it also offers an interesting texture.  Through the smooth layers of lacquer, you can’t help but be inspired to take a close-up look at the intricate geometric weave.

Close up detail of black carbon fibre bath tub.

“The modern bathtub designers who know how to make a splash.”

Kate Watson-Smyth, Financial Times

Woman lying in black freestanding bath on wooden floor next to window.

Liquid metal finishes

These metal coatings are available in copper (left), bronze (below left), and pewter and available in a variety of textured, weathered and oxidised finishes.

Applied by hand these metal finishes give the feel and durability of solid metal but without additional weight.

Gilded finishes

We have also created some highly personal variations over the years, such as the gilded finish. This can be done in a wide range of precious metals such as pure gold (right), champagne gold for a softer golden look, silver (below), and platinum.

This beautiful version of the hammock bath in 24-carat gold was shown at Paris Design Week, en route to the client’s home.

Offering a playful twist and dark sophistication to luxury bathrooms
Close up of black freestanding hammock bath and basin next to window.
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