A slide for all seasons

The Reflex water slide adds hours of pool-side fun for all the family and in all environments. Reflex is handmade in marine grade stainless steel and customised to suit your personal style and surroundings.


“Like custom outdoor pieces of art, Splinterworks’ water slides are captivating.”

Melissa C. Gillespie, Luxury Pools Magazine

Mirror polished metal water slide for indoor residential swimming pool.

A beguilingly simple shape that echoes its environment

Reflections play in Reflex’s highly polished steel surface. While its sculptural form curls back on itself to save space around the pool area, this luxury slide still has enough velocity to create a great splash!

Luxury stainless steel slide across pool with view over the hamptons
Designed in accordance with strict safety guidelines, and featuring an internal cooling system, all our slides are safe fun, even in the hottest climates.

Views over New York

Commissioned here for a family in Upstate New York, Reflex not only adds endless fun to this beautiful pool, it also serves as a sculptural highlight to enhance its spectacular setting.

Birds eye view of swimming pool with patio and luxury pool slide

Water flows through the handrails, keeping them cool to the touch, and is then released in a series of outlets along the slide’s length. This keeps the entire sliding surface cool and makes it nice and slippy, giving added ‘whoosh’ for thrill-seekers young and old!

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Hand rails and steps on family water slide for outdoor pools.
Luxury water slide next to beautiful infinity pool in up state New York.

Compact garden in Las Vegas

Reflex’s space-saving design,  ideal for narrower pool decks, comes into its own in this smaller space. Shining in the Nevada sun, the slide is kept cool using our proprietary cooling system.
Step view of stainless steel pool slide on astroturf
Close up of steps and refelctions of a stainless steel pool slide
Close up of pool slide shoot

A London townhouse

Here, Reflex is an evocative, reflective sculptural highlight in a dark stone pool, designed to be admired from both the pool, the gym and the home office.

With grip underfoot and drain holes on the steps, and an easy-to-grab handrail that is incorporated seamlessly into the sculpture, the water slide is designed to follow local safety standards.


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United Kingdom Patent No. 2580156