An empowering desk

As an evolution of the stiletto table we created this bold desk for large workspaces.  With its multi-faceted shape, it also works well in open-plan spaces, where many desks can look lost.  The outcome is a substantial, empowering piece of furniture.


Large v-shaped desk with dramatic red detail hand-crafted by Splinterworks

Unique shape for instinctive ergonomics

The gentle V shape flanks the central seating position and creates a natural divide, offering instinctive separation when switching between the computer and paperwork.

Detail of book matched veneers on custom made v-shaped desk

Dynamic silhouette in luxury walnut veneers

The swooping curved legs resemble the abstracted shape of a bird caught in flight. The dynamic silhouette is animated further by the use of book-matched straight-grain walnut veneer, which fans out from the nose of the desk. The desk retains the dramatic highlight of red on the underside.

Red detail on empowering hand-crafted desk in v-shaped design
We work on many unique commissions for desks, either as special gifts or for clients directly
Custom made luxury desk with red and metal detail by Splinterworks

Personalisation as standard

Each Wing desk is created to a unique specification. As well as the overall size, drawer layout and hidden cabling, you can choose between a wide range of wood veneers and colours for the underside. With this luxury of choice, we strike a personal connection that is completely unique to the owner.