How to commission a sculptural swimming pool slide

We can tailor our service to suit your specific needs but here's a rough guide to the process of purchasing and installing a Splinterworks water slide.

Designed to last a lifetime

As hand made sculptures, Splinterworks slides are designed to last for generations and so the design and build process aligns with that. We don’t sell from stock because every single slide we make is unique, personalised to suit the client, and they take some time to create.

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Due diligence

The first step is to ensure that we can safely fit and install your Splinterworks slide safely into your pool area so we’ll need to see some dimensioned plans, and photographs if possible. Once we know it’s feasible, we’ll start a dialogue to get an understanding of your ambitions for the space and then produce some options that suit the brief. These options will be accompanied by cost estimates and rough schedules. This is all free of charge.

Detailed design

When you’re happy with the concept, proposed timescale and cost, the next step is customising the design to perfectly suit your personal preferences and the environment. This will take us through a detailed design phase to the finished, fully engineered product. To start this next stage of work, we ask for a 10% deposit, based upon the estimate.

This design development process can be as collaborative, or not, as you would like with many opportunities for you to view and give feedback on the progress. We can take as little time or as much time as you need to get the design right, but a typical design timeline is around 3-4 weeks. 

If you choose to work from one of our existing slide designs with little customisation, it’s possible to sign off a finished design in as little as a week. If you are commissioning a completely custom design it can take many weeks to finish the final design. It really depends upon the complexity of the design, and the frequency of each feedback stage. 

At the end of the design development, we will present you with a fully engineered design, a fixed price and an approximate schedule for completion and delivery. We then ask for 50% of the price, less the deposit, to start production.

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The production stage

The production phase typically takes 10-14 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design. As all our slides are hand built, this is the quietest time for our clients. It’s really just a case of waiting patiently while our workshop team carefully craft your perfect slide!

Every slide commission is designed with an internal water cooling system to ensure it is safe to use in hot weather. 


Delivery and installation

When your slide is ready to ship, we ask for 95% of the price, less the payments already made.

Shipping can take between 1-6 weeks, depending on where you are in the world. 

We typically ship and deliver to site. While we can arrange the unloading and installation for you, we have found it is usually more cost effective for our overseas clients to organise this themselves using local contractors.

A crane is nearly always required to lift the slide from the lorry to the pool deck. We are experts in organising complicated installations, so do not be put off by this! We will liaise closely with both you and your contractors to ensure you find the most suitable crane for your needs, and a smooth process at this stage. Crane hire costs are typically between £1,000/$1500 and £2,000/$3000 and installation typically takes a day to complete. 

Once the slide has been delivered to the site, we ask for the balance payment within 30 days. 

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Above: Delivery and installation of a customised Cyma swimming pool  slide in London. Image at top of article shows Matt with the installed slide.

Vertex pool slide beside a lake in the fall

Delivery & Installation.

Above: Delivery and installation of custom-built Vertex slide on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, USA.

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