Introducing Vertex in bronze

Sitting statuesquely in the stunning Maryland landscape, this customised Vertex features a dark bronzed finish.
Vertex slide in bronze by Splinterworks by a blue swimming pool

A bronze patina on our flagship design

We pride ourselves on making our slides customisable to suit each client’s space and personal preferences. We’re now introducing some new finishes on our stainless steel slides to allow you to make your design even more bespoke.

So we were particularly excited to see this latest Vertex design in its new environment, at this stunning home in Maryland, USA.

Made of stainless steel but finished in a muted dark bronze, this version of Vertex is perhaps more sculptural in appearance than ever before.

Sitting in a beautiful landscaped garden designed by Kaiser Trabue and Foxborough, the dappled tones of the bronze coloured finish sit very comfortably with the warm tones of the surrounding stonework and terracotta pots.

True to Vertex’ original design, the inner of the slide, where you sit (the area most exposed to strong sunlight) is in polished stainless steel. This reflects most inbound sunlight and thermal energy. In addition, the slide is fitted with our internal cooling system to ensure it is always cool enough to use.

The rich, deep colour on the bronze exterior, which is available in other finishes such as copper, will age and develop a natural patina over time.


Architecture by McAlpine
Landscape Architecture by Kaiser Trabue
Landscaping by Foxborough
Interior Design by Cashmere Interior Design Studio
Construction by Winchester
Photography by Neil Landino


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Step view of bronze vertex pool slide
Splinterworks Vertex pool slide, winner in the Pinnacle Awards 2022
Splinterworks Vertex pool slide, winner in the Pinnacle Awards 2022
Close up of shoots of water on the inside of stainless steel pool slide