Tactile materials create a dynamic, ergonomic kitchen

With this London townhouse kitchen, we experimented with segmented blocks that collided together to create a dynamic and ergonomic family space. The resulting chevron-shaped layered island, with angled work surfaces and tapered shelving, loses the rigidity of the rectangular floor plan and imparts a fluidity to the space. 

A fun ergonomic kitchen with concrete and copper work surfaces
Counter top details in marble and copper with clever storage below
A fun ergonomic family kitchen with concrete counter tops by Splinterworks
“They were great at helping us to really think about how we would use the space, making sure it balanced practicality with design.”
Blue and copper metal kitchen with clever storage and ergonomic design
Clever dishwasher drawer storage in fun family kitchen

The island has tricks up its sleeve

A secondary drawer dishwasher is hidden into the end of the raised island.  A café cupboard opposite means hot drinks can be prepared without encroaching on the cook’s zone. 

A thoughtful selection of materials woven throughout brings it all together as one cohesive room.

There is a clear logic to the kitchen’s productivity

The food storage and large fridges are at one end, hidden in cobalt blue cabinets.  Food can be prepared in the island sink, then onto the hobs and oven, before arriving at the end of the island for plating up.

Once back from the kitchen table plates can be rinsed, and put straight into the large dishwasher where they can be unloaded and stored down the far end.

Blue cabinets in fun family kitchen designed by Splinterworks
Concrete and copper work surfaces in family townhouse kitchen designed by Splinterworks
Blue kitchen cabinets hand-crafted by Splinterworks

A fun and pleasing space

The resulting kitchen features a pleasing mash-up of materials that is a true reflection of the owner’s autonomous style.


“Is it some giant sculpture or just a differently designed space? It is both, in fact. A functional piece of design, it doubles up as a cook room with lots of character.”

India Today

A fun family kitchen in London townhouse designed with copper and concrete details
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