Compact and streamlined with textural interest

Our brief was for a complete cooking, dining and entertaining space in a fairly compact space, just four metres wide by five and a half long.  We needed to make use of every inch of available space, without it feeling claustrophobic, but also make the room an interesting feature of the house.


Considered design for memorable first impressions

As you enter the property, through the entrance hall, the first piece of furniture you see is the carved drum cabinet. It looks like a standalone feature but, when you get closer, you realise it is actually part of the kitchen island. It creates a perfect centre point for the house, and a place to gather when hosting drinks from the bar behind.


Fine balance of luxury timbers and stone

Myriad materials in the same colour palette suffuse the space in an understated luxury that doesn’t vie for attention, rather it works as a cohesive space, with understated points of interest and a calming atmosphere.

Golden tones interlace the design

Colours are subtly woven through the design; golden ravines snake through the Nero Cosmos granite countertops while flecks of antique gold wax highlight the carved texture of the ebony stained oak drum cabinet and table pedestal.

Defined areas, intrinsically connected

The nook provided the perfect opportunity for a designated casual dining area with custom fluted banquette seating and elliptical ebony oak table. 

A chevron-shaped compact culinary zone in beautiful burr olive cabinets is used for prep and washing, which is serviced by a raised level dishwasher, with an additional dishwasher to the right of the sink.  A down draft extracting induction hob on the island keeps the cooking process a sociable affair, with room to circulate around the chef, or cook together.  The Gaggenau fridge and triple stacked oven are neatly contained behind aspen cabinetry.

Outside of the kitchen area, a cabinet for hot drinks also includes a Quooker boiling water tap with a counterpart bar in the other corner of the room serving alcoholic and cold drinks from the concealed drinks fridge.

“Expect the unexpected from this creative duo. Kitchens tend towards the futuristic, with sweeping shapes and a bold use of unusual materials, from curved sheet metals to veneered rosewood.”

Amelia Thorpe, Homes & Gardens

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