Moving house: One Hamaca's journey to Vegas

What to do with your beautiful bath tub when you move house? We visit the home of a client who decided to take their hammock bath with them when they moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Back in 2019, we were excited to see pictures of our black carbon hammock bath, looking distinctly rock and roll in the beautiful West Coast home of clients Ayesha and Kerry King, renowned guitarist from heavy metal band Slayer.

And showing us how much they really love their Hamaca bath, the Kings decided to take it with them when they moved to Las Vegas recently. Ayesha kindly shared a few photos with us of the bath in its new home.

The hammock bath is now positioned out on the balcony, which has underfloor heating in case it gets a little cold in the winter. And since the tub was previously wall hung, they have now used brackets that allow it to be freestanding.

They have installed a beautiful screen for privacy, which also opens up to lovely views and a glass balustrade.

Thank you to our fantastic clients for sharing these photos with us. It just shows how versatile – and loved! – the Hamaca tub can be.

Below, top: The hammock bath in its original setting with the owner’s pet cat, Pigeon, showing an interest!

Below, bottom: In its new Vegas home, taking centre stage on the balcony with screens open.

Images credit: @Slaywhore

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