Grand opening of Corey's Farm

Corey’s Farm, the charity we have supported since its inception last year, opened its gates for the first time last week, and we were elated to hear it was a huge success.

About Corey's Farm

Corey’s Farm is a charity that offers therapeutic interventions to children with emotional challenges, by means of animal assisted therapy and nature based activities.  Situated in Kilkhampton, Cornwall, the farm is based on a small-holding and has a pony, pygmy goats, sheep, pigs, alpacas and chickens.

The Farm supports children and young people so that they can develop new levels of confidence and self-esteem, helping them to feel valued and connected. There’s solid evidence to show that being out of doors, working with animals, growing fruit and veg and getting creative with activities such as carpentry, can be transformative for children and young people with additional needs and syndromes, SWANs (syndromes without a name), illness or trauma. Corey’s Farm also offers some respite to the families and carers of these children, who are often exhausted from the constant battle to access the support their child needs.

Supporting the farm

After 18 months in the making, the farm opened its doors to the public on February 28th. Children, parents, carers and schools, came to enjoy time with the animals and learn about farming. Early feedback from visitors suggests that the farm will have a hugely positive impact on the lives of these children, and their families.

The farm is a work in progress, and we have initially funded aspects of the new workshop, which features multi-level surfaces for wheelchair users, a first aid centre, accessible toilet, a goat hotel, and most importantly, a hot chocolate shack for when the weather is less accommodating. We look forward to supporting the farm further as it grows.

We hope you enjoy hearing about the farm, and we’ll share more updates with you over the coming months.

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