Waha fun in the Florida sun

A recent video of the Waha pool slide on Instagram, shows how our water-cooling system keeps all our slides cool and safe, in even the hottest climates.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on our Instagram feed for our latest work and installations.

Sent to us by the client, the video below shows a recently installed Waha slide, polished to a high shine and offering up some beautiful reflections of the water, at this family home in Florida.

Note the beautiful curve of the steel, hand-crafted to this elegant shape, and the way the slide is designed so that it appears to grow naturally from the ground, with no visible fixtures or fittings.

The water-cooling system is really evident here. The water jets provide a continual stream of water, ensuring the slide surface is both cool to the touch and gives a great slide! Water also runs in the handrails so these are never too hot to hold. This cooling system is a standard feature in all of our slides.

Designers, contractors and fitters should note that we were not present for any part of this installation, which is a simple process. We worked with the pool company in Florida and offered all the remote support they needed to complete this easy installation with fantastic results.

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