Exquisite metal finishes for Hamaca bath tub.

Created using the latest technology, these liquid metal finishes allow you to choose from a range of cool and warm toned metals for your bathroom.

These beautiful metals are an exciting addition to the range of finishes now available to customise your hammock bath.

Innovative liquid metal coatings, created courtesy of Anka Bespoke, are poured onto the carbon fibre bath tub in the workshop. The finished result gives the look and feel of solid metal, but without the weight, meaning the bath remains light, yet incredibly strong and rigid.

You can choose from a wide range of metals to suit your personal tastes, including Bronze, Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver and Pewter. A range of different metal colours can be finished using in a variety patinas and washes, creating a polished, textured, weathered, aged, pitted or oxidised appearance.

With our first two custom metal hammock baths completed, in Polished Bronze and Pitted Copper with Scotched Copper interior, we’re excited to see these elegant tubs installed in their new homes.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss the different finishes available on the hammock bath range.

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Hamaca Polished Bronze Bath tub.

Above: Hamaca in Polished Bronze

Below: Hamaca in Pitted Copper (exterior) and Scotched Copper

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