Splinterworks Waha slide at Gara Rock Hotel

We're excited to announce our summer collaboration with Gara Rock Hotel in Devon, where we'll be installing our signature Waha slide at their beautiful clifftop pool!

The perfect location

Take one beautifully hand-crafted Waha slide, install it by a picture-perfect clifftop pool with unspoilt sea views, add guests, and let the fun commence!

That’s what we’ll be doing this summer, when we begin our first hotel pool slide collaboration with the wonderful Gara Rock Hotel in Devon.

Our custom-made Waha slide will take a prime spot on the deck of their outdoor heated pool, surrounded by spectacular coastal views and, we suspect, a lot of very happy hotel guests!

Located directly on the unspoilt south-west coastal path, and just 40 minutes from Salcombe, Gara Rock is a boutique hotel with a laid-back vibe in a wonderfully romantic setting. With a range of luxury suites and out-of-the-ordinary accommodation, plus a spa, two pools, a private cinema, and restaurant, it’s the perfect place for families, couples, friends and great memories.

With beautiful interiors, wonderful service and their stunning clifftop pool, Gara Rock seemed the perfect partner for a Splinterworks water slide.

If you’re lucky enough to be staying at Gara Rock this summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of our Waha slide between late July and mid-October. Kids and adults alike will love the sheer size of this slide, and the super splash you get into the pool!

Waha is one of our easiest slides to install, and will be fitted with our standard cooling system which means it won’t get too hot to touch, even if we end up having a hot British summer – fingers crossed!

So as Gara Rock begins to welcome guests back, their custom-made Waha is in the workshop getting ready to do a lot of entertaining. In the meantime, check out our recent Waha installation in Utah and the beautiful Gara Rock Hotel, below.

If you’d like to experience Waha at Gara Rock, you can contact us at [email protected] to arrange a visit, by appointment only.

Watch this space for updates on the journey of Gara Rock’s Waha!

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Young girl sliding down a waha pool slide, throwing up her arms as she enters the pool