Bath rugby star Roko takes on the hammock bath

We went into the studio with Bath rugby player Semesa Rokoduguni, or Roko as he is better known to friends and fans, to prove that even someone with rugby star proportions can fit comfortably, submerge, and fully relax in our hammock bath.

Behind the scenes on our shoot

We’re often asked questions about our hammock bath, such as ‘is it long enough?’, ‘how much weight can it take?’ and ‘is it comfortable?’

So we decided to ask our friend, England-capped rugby star Semesa Rokoduguni, if he would be willing to demonstrate using the bath, with a view to answering these and other common questions.

Roko was the perfect model for this shoot – relaxed and happy to have a bit of fun with it, adopting our ‘man versus bath’ approach to the whole thing beautifully!

Still to come in the next few weeks, we have a great video that demonstrates all the important details including strength and size (of both Roko, and the bath!),  ease of getting in and out, and a clear indication from Roko as to how comfy and relaxing he found it!

But for now, here’s a lovely behind-the-scenes video of Roko on set, and a few of the images from the shoot.

Hammock Baths

Behind The Scenes.

Handcrafted in carbon fibre.

Roko illustrating beautifully how big the Hamaca bath tub is, and how supremely light it is, in its carbon fibre construction..

Easy access into the bath, which is lower to climb into than most standard baths, and Roko feeling relaxed in the wide, supportive hammock shape..

Three in the tub: Miles, Matt and Roko demonstrate the weight Hamaca can support due to its construction in one of the strongest materials in the world, carbon fibre.


View our hammock bath in a range of finishes

Photography by Tom Smith Photography