How we keep our slides cool in hot weather

We are constantly asked this question, and with good reason - no one wants a burnt behind!

Our cooling design is threefold

First are the micro jets of water, that cool the entire sliding surface every 15cm apart, ensuring it stays constantly cool and slippy.  The jets also spray the steps, which keeps them cool and the strong foot grip tape ensure they are not slippery.

Secondly, we ensure the handrails are cool to the touch by circulating water through them internally.  This runs through the small internal handles on the steps, and the outer integrated handrail that runs along the entire slide.  This water is all recycled through the swimming pool’s filter system.

Finally, the polished stainless steel does not oxidise and dull down over time so will remain highly reflective for decades and, unlike brushed or painted metal, reflects the majority of solar energy meaning that it stays cooler than you might expect.

We install slides in some of the hottest climates in the world, and they are all designed to cool down to usable temperature in 15 seconds. Quick enough for even the most enthusiastic among us!

Check out these videos which show the cooling system in action:


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