Winners in Luxury Pool's Pinnacle Awards

We are thrilled to be announced as a Pinnacle Award Winner by Luxury Pools magazine, for our part in this stunning project.
Vertex custom made pool slide by Splinterworks

English Symmetry

This elegant pool and landscape garden combine symmetry and balance with classical decorative features, to complement a beautiful rejuvenated villa in Provo, Utah. The project was completed in August 2020.

Patios of Indiana limestone create a smooth, neutral pool deck which is finished using natural Hydrazzo polished plaster for timeless beauty and easy maintenance. A custom-made sculptural pool slide in polished steel and a mahogany diving board bring elements of stylish, luxurious fun to this pool design.

The Vertex slide is created in stainless steel so it won’t oxidise and is engineered to be free of all visible fixtures on the deck. The highly polished finish reflects most inbound sunlight, but the slide also features its own internal cooling system to ensure safety and comfort in even the hottest weather.

The formal English-style landscaping features hornbeam hedging and defined beds in restrained colour palettes. The addition of stone paths, columns and formal water features give the garden its classical lines.

The cabana, with latticed woodwork and matched brickwork, blends seamlessly with the architecture of the restored villa. Punctured holes and swapped-out windows create a cohesive indoor-outdoor experience throughout the garden. Iconic Bevolo copper lanterns from New Orleans line the cabana and walkways around the garden.

Congratulations to the project team

We’d like to extend our thanks and congratulations to the team that made this project possible.

You can view all the winners of the Pinnacle Awards on the Luxury Pools website, or purchase the Fall/Winter issue, out now.

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Vertex, custom pool slide by Splinterworks
Vertex pool slide by Splinterworks