Helicopter delivery, for those hard to reach places

The new Cyma slide travelled thousands of miles to its new home in Atlanta, Georgia, but we knew our client's backyard was impossible to access! An unusual but exciting mode of delivery was called for...

We were very excited for this installation at our client’s beautiful home in Atlanta, as we knew it was going to be a bit different.

We had discovered that the client’s driveway configuration, combined with the size of the house, meant we wouldn’t be able to get a crane that would both fit on the driveway and reach over the house! If we were to get this slide into position, we had to come up with something different.


So on a glorious blue-sky day, and with great teams both in the air and on the ground, the slide was lifted from the flatbed lorry by helicopter. Slowly rising up and over the house, it was then lowered and positioned carefully onto the pool deck.

With the helicopter’s straps removed, it was great to see the final protective wrapping come off, and Cyma’s highly-polished stainless steel shining in the sunshine.

Compact and highly reflective in mirror-polished stainless steel, the newly designed Cyma has a spherical shape which appears to sit embedded into the surface of the pool deck. The finish is so reflective in the light, that it appears almost invisible at ground level.

We can’t wait to revisit our client in a few weeks to take some more shots of Cyma in its beautiful new surroundings.