Reflex in suburban Vegas

Ideal for narrower pool decks, Reflex comes into its own in this hot and sunny Nevada garden.

Handmade, customised fun

For our client in Vegas, where suburban garden space is at a premium, Reflex was the perfect choice.

Doubling back on itself, it takes up minimal room, while providing a beautiful statement in a small backyard – and loads of fun, of course.

Customised to suit the space, as all Splinterworks slides are, it sits lightly on the pool deck and is unobtrusive in the water area.

As with all our slides, we installed our proprietary cooling system, which keeps the slide cool to the touch, even in the intense Nevada heat. Safety is always paramount, so we fit each slide with foot grips. In this case, transparent grips are used.

If you’d like to talk to us about customising a slide for a smaller space, you can call us on +1 212 2877147 (US) or +44 1225 255525 (UK).

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