Penthouse 14 spa

6th Nov | 2023
We were excited to see not one but two black custom carbon fibre hammock baths selected for this luxury spa in Ostend, Belgium, and it's great to be able to share these new images of the spa and its amazing views.
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Meet the Maker podcast: Miles Hartwell

4th May | 2022
In this recent interview with Bob Mytton for Made in Bath, Miles discusses the evolution of Splinterworks, from first beginnings in kitchens and furniture design, to upcoming projects and materials, including custom made swimming pool slides and plans for the future. Hear the full podcast below.
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Video: Man versus Bath

28th Jan | 2022
We’re often asked questions about our hammock bath, so we thought what better way to answer these questions, than with a demonstration! So here's our new FAQ video, featuring England-capped rugby player Semesa Rokoduguni.
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Bath rugby star Roko takes on the hammock bath

10th Nov | 2021
We went into the studio with Bath rugby player Semesa Rokoduguni, or Roko as he is better known to friends and fans, to prove that even someone with rugby star proportions can fit comfortably, submerge, and fully relax in our hammock bath.
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2021 in pictures

1st Jan | 2020
Happy New Year! Here's a look back at some of our more memorable behind-the-scenes moments from 2021. We hope you enjoy this little visual feast of everything Splinter works indoor swimming pool slides and luxury hammocks. Behind the scenes shots, showcasing what we've been up to the past 12 months. We're renowned for our bespoke swimming pool slides, unique Indoor Swimming Pool slides and luxury outdoor Swimming pool slides. We are very excited about the recent launch of our new brand that will certainly add colour to your environment, introducing Downtime Slides. Their exquisite designs are not limited to just Splinter works indoor swimming pool slides and luxury hammocks. they also create luxurious slides for Residential Swimming Pool Slides and Garden Swimming Pool Slides. Each slide is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, tailored to enhance the aesthetics and enjoyment of your swimming area. Discover the elegance and excitement of Splinter works slides here: Downtime Slides.
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serene master suite

20th Nov | 2018
black basin sinks in en suite bathroom with marble walls
This delicate, yet bold, master suite in a London townhouse was the result of a collaboration with interior designers Studio Milne.
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Poēsis Experience Hotel, Rome

6th Feb | 2020
black hammock bath in Poesis Experience hotel Rome
A symbol of elegance and luxury hospitality in the old city centre of Rome, the Poēsis Experience Hotel features our classic hammock bath in one of its beautiful rooms.
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the gold hamaca bath

5th Mar | 2018
The ultimate luxury gold bath finished in 24 carrot gold manufactured by Splinterworks
Our very first gold hammock bath made a statement at Paris Design Week back in 2014. Layered with 24 carat gold, it provides the ultimate luxurious personal statement.
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the fireside sanctuary

12th Feb | 2020
woman lighting fire next to hammock bath
Our contemporary hammock bath works well even in a more traditional setting, as this installation of our Hamaca bath tub in front of a cosy cottage fireplace really shows.
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