Waha in Ohio

8th Sep | 2023
Waha stunning modern pool slide in Ohio. Crafted by hand in stainless steel 316L with a mirror polish.
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Podcast – Pool Chasers

9th Aug | 2023
Interested in exploring everything about Splinter works? Tune in to the Pool Chasers Podcast with Greg Villafana and Justin Bowie, where we delve into the nitty-gritty details. We chat about helicopter-arriving slides, upcoming plans, and the story behind our name and all things swimming pools slides and Splinter works.
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Meet the Maker podcast: Miles Hartwell

4th May | 2022
In this recent interview with Bob Mytton for Made in Bath, Miles discusses the evolution of Splinterworks, from first beginnings in kitchens and furniture design, to upcoming projects and materials, including custom made swimming pool slides and plans for the future. Hear the full podcast below.
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Cyma Slide: Autumnal tones in London

4th Nov | 2021
We took these shots following a recent installation of our Cyma slide in London, where beautiful autumnal colours created this pretty backdrop. Added to a natural water swimming pool, this was an elegant setting with clean lines.
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2021 in pictures

1st Jan | 2020
Happy New Year! Here's a look back at some of our more memorable behind-the-scenes moments from 2021. We hope you enjoy this little visual feast of everything Splinter works indoor swimming pool slides and luxury hammocks. Behind the scenes shots, showcasing what we've been up to the past 12 months. We're renowned for our bespoke swimming pool slides, unique Indoor Swimming Pool slides and luxury outdoor Swimming pool slides. We are very excited about the recent launch of our new brand that will certainly add colour to your environment, introducing Downtime Slides. Their exquisite designs are not limited to just Splinter works indoor swimming pool slides and luxury hammocks. they also create luxurious slides for Residential Swimming Pool Slides and Garden Swimming Pool Slides. Each slide is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, tailored to enhance the aesthetics and enjoyment of your swimming area. Discover the elegance and excitement of Splinter works slides here: Downtime Slides.
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Reflex in suburban Vegas

3rd Mar | 2021
Ideal for narrower pool decks, the amazing Reflex curved pool slide comes into its own in this hot and sunny Las Vegas, Nevada garden.
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Waha fun in the Florida sun

2nd Sep | 2020
A recent video of the Waha pool slide on Instagram, shows how our water-cooling system keeps all our slides cool and safe, in even the hottest climates.
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Vertex lakeside in New England

12th Feb | 2020
Vertex pool slide beside a lake in the fall
When we visited Lake Winnipesaukee to oversee this installation of Vertex, we were so blown away by the backdrop, that we referred to this project as 'The Art of Fall'.
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